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  • World History I Movie List

Listed are the possible movies that may be shown this year. Most will not be shown in entirety,
but contain clips that students will view.

Mummies and the Wonders of Ancient Egypt:   (Not rated – Produced by History Channel) This is a documentary on the wonders of Ancient Egypt including the pyramids, mummification, King Tut, Ramses the Great, and hieroglyphics.

Engineering an Empire:   (Not rated – Produced by History Channel) This On collection shows many aspects of the ancient world and how they were engineered and built. Civilizations included: Egypt, Rome, Greece, Renaissance, Mayas, Aztecs’, and Incas. This is part of an educational series and includes interactive lessons and primary sources.

Warriors:   (Not rated- Produced by History Channel) This collection shows the lifestyle and combat of ancient military societies.

In Search of History: Scourge of the Black Death:   (Not rated – Produced by History Channel) This documentary covers the origins of the Black Death, its devastating spread across Egypt, Asia Minor, and eventually Europe, and its lasting consequences. In addition, scientists discuss the most recent breakthroughs in the fight to prevent a pandemic.

The Crescent & The Cross:   (Not rated – Produced by History Channel) This documentary chronicles the Crusades. fought between the Muslims and Christians over the Holy City of Jerusalem.

Mankind: The Story of All of Us:   (Not rated- Produced by History Channel) This documentary series chronicles the existence and development of mankind from prehistoric origins through the modern age.

Night at the Museum I and 2:   (Rated PG) This is an action movie series that is based on the Natural History Museum and Smithsonian. These movies mix fun with the amazing collection housed in the NYC and bC museums. Bring history to life in the classroom makes learning fun for students and these movies seek to truly bring history to life!

Crash Course & Other Educational Youtube Series:   With the increase of technology and the ability to use it as a resource, Youtube has made great strides in facilitating learning with many educational videos, as well as making many History Channel videos available.

* This movie list is subject to change. Any changes will be posted on the teacher websites. There is a
section on the Contact Sheet for you to allow/not allow your student to participate in these video activities.